America Latina Indignada: South, Central and North. You are invited to participate, because it is our responsibility as it is an international mobilization otherwise a global revolution will not happen… we can not lose this prospect ..
Because it is unacceptable that October 12th is regarded as day of celebration of the “discovery,” of the “Hispanic world” or any other obfuscations of history. We consider this scope as an imposition of a discourse constructed by elites, and in its day was legitimized by the ecclesiastical hierarchy to legitimize edicts that exercised power and violence directed towards original peoples, manipulating them in various contexts throughout history continuing to present day abuses. The discourse maintains the retoric of “glorious deeds” based on the power of physical force and the use of arms in order to dominate the resources and people in the name of the state, religion and the presumed wellbeing of the people. At the same time distorting history in their favor, to maintain the status quo, through official discourse that hides the ravages made ​​in such contexts, subordinating the historical memory of the people who they claim to “represent.” We consider it essential to dismantle the paternalistic prejudices regarding original peoples, and re-situate their spirituality, which has sought to remain invisible in many ways, as in their relationship with Mother Earth. It is therefore necessary to change the direction of this date, where there is nothing to celebrate and everything to recognize, with particular regard to continuing situations of extreme and unjustified violence committed against original peoples.
These power structures remain in place and are expressed through the implementation of a rationalized model of the global capitalist market, which reduces the “development” of existing material goods, thereby justifying an asymmetric relationship between peoples across categories, such as “first-third world”, “developed-underdeveloped”, “North-South”, etc. This is all powered by the rationalized model that conducts relations between individuals, communities, regions, national and international interests, and the Earth. Thus, transnationals (supranationals) have proceeded with the construction of mega-projects, especially exlpoitative in nature, having designed the plunder of “natural resources,” thereby transforming entire environments through the effective deterioration of livelihoods and health, the devastation of contexts, biodiversity and the living beings of Mother Earth, in many cases through the abrupt cessation of their life cycles. This has been made possible by the signing of Free Trade Agreements that demand asymmetric conditions placing “the South” as guarantors of such agreements through the implementation of “recommendations” dictated by the IMF and World Bank in exchange for international loans which in turn make viable these mega-projects. The implementation of these “vehicular” loans create the transportation infrastructure necessary to lay claim upon the “resources”. This in turn converts many revolving “democratic” governments into mere puppets of supranational interests, pitting them in alliance with abettors and pultocrats alike, against the common good of their fellow global citizens. Such policies generate public debt which are typically financed through “structural adjustment programs” or more simply put as cuts, which negatively effect entire populations.
We are against this unjust situation, which generates social maps of material poverty, often provoking cycles of migration to countries in demand of cheap labor… a vice created by various control mechanisms, by wealthy countries in partnership with local government authorities set uponand overcrowded and impoverished original peoples  Those who emigrate to the destination countries, with the purpose of finding the fabled “good life”, which they have been sold, find as they commence looking for work, typically confront a very different reality and are treated as illegal immigrants, relegating them to the status of non-citizens. Thus, leading them to suffer various types of adverse situations, particularly for women and children. We do not accept, do not want and do not condone this type of treatment. No one has more rights more than anyone else. This abuse of fundamental rights is not admissible! No human being is illegal!
We witness this situation and do not accept its injustice, especially on this date that serves to reinforce the idea of power and hegemony throughout the world as a “developed” country that spares no efforts, in continual manipulation through the capitalist system that defends the interests oligarchs and plutocrats, the 1%, against the fundamental rights of people. We say enough! It is more important that this notion and arrogant behavior by the 1% change. Those who think the world is theirs and no one else is in it, who ignore all kinds of laws and international conventions that derive from global agencies are to be respected and applied in each instance, by each state that has ratified! We are the 99% and will not allow this to continue on the same course!
We also recognize that 2012 is a critically symbolic year and important to join in with actions that are planed by original peoples and which too often go unnoticed.
  • To collaborate in the consolidation of a critical story about the invasion of the Americas and its impact to date.
  • To reconstruct the history not from guilt and resentment, but from the recognition of the facts as they occurred and releasing bonds to encourage contact between people as equals. We are also the other. Reqsinirikuy (I’m with you on the same land, we see ourselves as we are; a word attributed to Nahuatl.)
  • To make visible the continued resistance by original peoples, recognition of their sorrows and present concrete struggles.
  • To contribute in greater cohesion and a common positioning among peoples, related groups and movements in relation to decolonization and the enhancement of a better life at all levels.
  • To make visible the negative role of states, international institutions (such as the UN) and private companies against the interests of original peoples, their individual and collective human rights as they apply to all people and Mother Earth.
  • To change perceived and contrived relationships among peoples created and employed by de facto powers. To deconstruct fallacious first world ideologies, that have been fueled by rhetoric that trades on the idea of world control and superiority over other peoples and the environment, within the context of collective imagination.
  • To assert other ways of conducting politics. To strengthen the course of destiny for all people founded on the principals of participatory democracy and the recognition of sovereignty based on the ecology and well being of all people.
The international platform America Latina Indignada: South, Central and North, 15M International, all individuals or collectives that participate in on-line assembles ie http://directory.occupy.net/
The following is the result of the flood of ideas and additional commentary:
  • Protest in front of the UN headquarters in each country or endorse any body         pursuing human rights, to expose the failures to respect the rights of original peoples. No more silence. Likewise, demand an end to state terrorism in the communities, especially involving women and children. Create a work plan (which could be done through the creation of a working group) to follow what is agreed to by the original peoples or continue to support them internationally in achieving their demands. This would not be limited to a single mobilization but a series of continuous actions.
  • During the first half of September, put up posters with the following question: Do you know, who the original peoples are? The case with Spanish speakers for eg .. Cuales son sus ideas en relación con el día de la Hispanidad, esta a favor o en contra? This would be a way of dismantling fallacies about 12O. This could be followed by pamphleting that exposes the realities of the original peoples, their troubles, when their rights are violated… Questions: Columbus Day/Día de la Hispanidad?? For us it is a day of resistance, we do not recognize it as Clolumbus Day or la Día de la Hispanidad. Here is an idea that has gained strength, marking the 8th and the 9th of October, by leaving four Wiphala flags see: (https://en.wikipedia.orgwikiFile:Banner_of_the_Qulla_Suyu.svg)
  • from the four cardinal points of Peru. They are to meet in Lima on the 10th and the 12th, at the close of the Assembly of Peoples of Peru-Tawantinsuyo, they then would come together and take a trip around the world. On Tuesday we will clarify it.
  • Make  posters for the 12th in all possible languages… similar to those already designed for the 12th Latin American Communication group.
[it might be nice to incert a link back to the posters here, ¡no?]
  • To march or parade on 12O, by weaving a colorful tapestry by way of saying that the world is so gray and that here el día de la hispanidad represents nothing .. that we reclaim and promote the recognition of the rights of the original peoples and their demands past and present.
  • 12O: Include in street actions a moment of silence or spiritual rite, to address and heal the violence that has led to the domination of peoples and individuals.
  • Develop workshops to raise awareness some weekends before 12O. These could         be done via streaming and connect with leaders of the original peoples to educate and greater sensitize ourselves, by talking to us directly about the realities of their communities to educate and greater sensitize ourselves to educate and greater sensitize ourselves become more directly involved in these protests. This would be a way to connect with our elders whose wisdom has much to teach us.
  • Make a motivational video, a call to mobilize on 12O .. I think John and Victoria have already launched a titan pad with it (put here el día de la hispanidad link)
  • It would be great to do a tapestry with faces of women and children of original peoples, to educate and greater sensitize ourselves showing their struggles and illnesses. Also support to people who currently are having their fundamental rights attacked as with the Mapuche people, Famatina, Quechua etc. from which a searing exposé could be  developed … while inviting students to write something about it.
  • Create a joint communique: nothing to celebrate, everything to recognize…         find scrap of cloth and together make a tapestry: the world is colorful, not gray.  We are diverse as peoples and equal in rights and sovereign in our decision making in the context of direct and participatory democracy etc… In favor of the respect of         livelihoods and resources of the original peoples… Ronald asked: How are you going to ask as a message to an original peoples leader? We need for you tell from your heart to the people of the world, also what you expect from them at this time, of your connection with the Pachamama (a goddess, Mother Earth, revered by original peoples of the Andes), with the social movements, and with the dignity that people deserve. What do you recommend?
Two working groups have been created. The groups are open and those wishing to join can do so. Each group should manage their internal communication and open titanpads for easier access and aide with coordination for the entire group.
        Press-contacts and networks:
        – Workgroup Pad: http://titanpad.com/rvaCPZOSjQ
        – Communication working group Pad: http://titanpad.com/tvhtXIky8n
  • Increased awareness and sensitivity with broader perspectives on the realities of original peoples, their cultural structures, and socioeconomic “policies” favoring  their postponement.
  • Further deconstruction of the fallacies surrounding the “discovery”, evangelization, Hispanic Heritage, etc.
  • More coordination between groups and foundations laid for medium & long term plans for  actions.
  • Reclaim the right to use public spaces in cities, legal forums for the practice of participatory and democratic meetings managed horizontally without being subject to arbitrary orders or have any kind of obstacles that may be construed or deemed to be  illegal acts.

Increased knowledge and awareness of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, see: https://pwccc.wordpress.com/2010/04/24/proposal-universal-declaration-of-the-rights-of-mother-earth/#more-162



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